Private Tours - Individual / Group
Gone are the days when a guided tour simply means going through a slew of tourist catalogue attractions with a guide regurgitating the same commentaries ad nauseam. Journeys is one of the first to pioneer rigorously researched, topic-based special interest tours designed to inspire both locals and visitors to re-think common perceptions of Singapore. What's more, our broad-based yet thorough familiarity with the city's heritage, offers you the advantage of having several different interests woven into a single well-conceptualised itinerary. Then let our expert guides take you on the bespoke journey, sweetened with lots of wit and humour, to give you insider's scoop on things, from the peculiarities of local culture and society to Singapore's history from the time of good ol' Raffles and beyond.
Our specialty programmes include:

  • Exploratory tours of local ethnic enclaves, cultural workshops and specialists-guided visits to major museums and heritage galleries
  • Military history programmes tailored to fit both the educated and casual participant alike
  • Specialised studies on the development and governing policies of modern Singapore
  • Scenic walks at the historical Fort Canning Hill, Singapore River and former quayside
  • Selected areas of research in public art and history
  • Themed evening walks and pub walks that make great entertainment for overseas guests and special occasions
  • Educational and bonding programmes for neighbourhood-based outings
  • Social-orientation programmes for expatriates and new residents
  • Half-day to full-day personalised itineraries for short-stay travellers

All private / corporate programmes are subject to minimum booking fees. Short, self-contained tour modules covering popular heritage enclaves are also available for travellers on a tight schedule. For more information and a full listing of tour module, please click to enquire.
Customise my tour
No other tour operator knows Singapore's changing landscape like Journeys. With its commitment to continuous research and updating of tour content, Journeys is able to tailor-make special programmes for the most demanding of requirements.
Travel needs and Other Services
Sit back while we take care of all your touring needs, be it accommodation, coach transport services, a grand dinner event or a party on the beach!


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