Military Tours
The peacetime story of modern Singapore is a well known one amongst both local and international communities. For us at Journeys, it is the adversities that the country went through during times of war and social unrest that make such compelling stories to stir even the most hardened traveller. As a colonial outpost of Britain and the catalyst for the Pacific war during WWII, Singapore has witnessed its share of explosive battles, subterfuge, wartime brutalities and selfless camaraderie in the face of death. She was one of few territories then which saw the congregation of soldiers from the Commonwealth nations in the fight for their flag, for their regiment, their fellow mates and the hope for peace. Following a spectacular liberation from Japanese forces, an exultant mood prevailed but that quickly gave way to consecutive phases of political and social upheavals.

Marrying 20th century history and current affairs, our military history programmes are designed to suit different people – the war veteran, the soldier, the staff college personnel, the defence planner, the young recruit, the hobbyist, the man on the street – all with one question in mind: ‘what happened?' We regularly incorporate bespoke lectures, terrain studies, declassified maps and photographs to augment learning and analysing of what happened on the battlefields. For staff rides and unit / campaign-specific training exercises, we are also able to assist with preparatory recces, compilation of reading material and post-tour debriefs to reinforce study objectives.

Tap on our passion and expertise in Singapore's military history and uncover a significant side of the city known to few.
Our specialty programmes include:

  • WWII remembrance tours tailor-made for Veteran Associations, anniversary pilgrimages, special interest groups
  • Battlefield tours conducted by expert guides for both heritage enthusiasts and general participants
  • Commemoration events and heritage fairs
  • Heritage programmes for defence force (army, navy and air force) officers, soldiers and recruits, to examine topics such as military code of honour, identity and values, service history, realities of war, tactical and terrain study, strategic perspectives, intelligence, command leadership, decision-making process, national security, international issues, civil defence and the social-economic impact of war
  • Bespoke tours catered to staff college personnel, defence studies students and strategic planning staff for appreciation of the region's military history and security issues
  • Staff ride, designed and facilitated by former staff college lecturer and specialised academics

All private / bespoke programmes are subject to minimum booking fees and will only be finalised after consultation with the field trip organiser. Short, thematic tour modules covering popular heritage enclaves are also available for travellers on a tight schedule. For more information, please click to enquire.
Customise my tour
No other tour operator knows Singapore's changing landscape like Journeys. With its commitment to continuous research and updating of tour content, Journeys is able to tailor-make special programmes for the most demanding of requirements.
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