The Time of Empire™     
A Colonial District Walk 


"The guide's knowledge of the history of Singapore is encyclopedic and she engages very well indeed with her listeners... It made our visit so much more worthwhile."
- Sylvia Murphy, Australia

"We did the Colonial District Tour and WOW would be the best description I could give. It was the best priced tour we have ever taken. Our tour guide (Helena) was great. If your interests are in true history, you won't be disappointed."
- Rush M Fayetteville, Pennsylvania

- Please dress appropriately (No Bermudas/shorts 
   & slippers).
- Photographic devices must be surrendered at the  
   entrance to the Supreme Court.

Tour Synopsis
"This place possesses an excellent harbour... Singapore is everything we could desire" ~ Sir Stamford Raffles, 1819. On 6th February 1819, Singapore was claimed as a trading outpost of the British Empire to "secure to the British flag the maritime superiority of the Eastern seas". In governance, religion, entertainment, and many other spheres, the imprint of Singapore's colonial past is indelible. This is the Walk where you learn about Singapore's national flower, the Sarkies brothers, The Straits Times and that wonderful drink called 'the Singapore Sling'. Discover Singapore's colonial legacy from The Time of Empire.

Tour Cost
Adult: S$38.00, Child: S$18.00

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  Every Monday / 9.30am - 12.00nn
Meet at City Hall MRT Station, outside Exit B (North Bridge Road)
  By Cab: Alight at the MRT exit at the junction of North Bridge Road and Stamford Road. Nearest landmark is St. Andrew's Cathedral.
End Point: Long Bar at Raffles Hotel
Tour Highlights:
  • Explore the 150-year-old Saint Andrew's Cathedral, witness to many historic events and personalities of colonial Singapore
  • Venture onto Coleman Street and get to know the man behind all the early colonial architecture of Singapore
  • Trace the fascinating history of the Armenian Diaspora at the Armenian Church  - the oldest church in Singapore and a beautiful gem of a building surrounded by lush tropical fauna
  • Hear the colourful stories of the French missionary and discover their imprint at the gorgeous CHIJmes building, a former Convent
  • Re-live the nostalgia of the Golden Era of Travel at one of Singapore's last remaining grand bungalows, now better known as the Raffles Hotel
  • NEW! Enjoy a rare view of the cityscape from atop the Supreme Court Viewing Deck /National Gallery which overlooks the Future Down Town as our guide shares exciting snippets of major upcoming projects.
 Additional Notes:
  • As a mark of respect for the state institution, visitors must be appropriately attired. Visitor(s) may be turned away by security personnel if the attire includes one or more of the following - torn jeans, bermudas/shorts, slippers and singlet/casual t-shirts.
  • Photographic devices are not allowed in the Supreme Court and must be surrendered at the entrance of the Supreme Court.
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Wear a cap and comfy shoes, bring umbrella or poncho, and a bottle of water. Mosquito repellent may be helpful on tours that take you to parks!

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