Sultans of Spice™
A Kampong Glam (Malay-Islamic Quarter) Walk

Winner of Singapore Tourism Awards for Best Sightseeing/Leisure/Educational Programme 2005


"The best walking tour around the city. There are so many little neighborhoods that you wouldn't learn about if you don't take the walking tours.'
- Barbara H, USA

"...We did many things in the week we were in Singapore, and I would put this at the top of my list of great experiences."


Tour Synopsis
How was Singapore sold to the British for 60,000 Spanish Dollars? Find out about the man who did it, and the man who forced him to. No one remembers the sultans that used to rule, except us. The old Royal Palace, the Sultan Mosque, the Tombs of the Malayan Princes: they all carry an air of royalty snatched away too quickly. Uncover a curious blend of Malay folk traditions and Islam in the legends of the mysterious keris (dagger), exotic perfumes and the story of the faith that is so often misunderstood. Don't miss this hidden cultural enclave where Singapore's indigenous culture still thrives!

Tour Cost
Adult: S$38.00, Child: S$18.00

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  Every Thursday / 9.30am - 12.00nn
Meet at Bugis MRT Station, outside Exit B
  By Cab: There are two MRT exits along Victoria Street. Alight at MRT exit on the side where Raffles Hospital is.
End Point: Jalan Kubor
Tour Highlights:
  • Get the inside scoop on the British East India Company's attempts to control the Spice Trade Route
  • Gain valuable insights to Islam at the historic Sultan Mosque and find out who-buys-what at the Traditional Muslim Supplies Shop
  • Explore some of the oldest (and narrowest!) streets in Singapore
  • Catch a glimpse of dying trades, some of the last remaining in the urban city
  • Take in the grandeur of the former Malay Palace (Old Istana Kampong Glam) before finding  the Royal Graveyard in a most extraordinary state
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Additional Information:

If you'd like to enter the mosque, please wear a sleeved blouse/shirt and long skirt or pants. A limited number of robes are also available at the mosque.

Note: Sultan Mosque is currently undergoing renovations and will not be accessible till further notice.


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