Red Clogs Down the Five-Foot-Way™
A Chinatown Walk



"It gave us an insight into the culture in Chinatown. We have been on some of the walks in London, and would like you to know that we found the experience every bit as entertaining and educational."
- Gerry Goresky, Canada

"The guide kept us entertained and I learnt a lot, not just about Singapore, but also about Chinese culture - an added bonus! We got to visit numerous sites around Chinatown which most tourists probably wouldn't normally get to see..."

-Matt G, Australia


Tour Synopsis
The street was filled from end to end, with stalls and knick-knacks of every kind. Here a pair of ready-made clogs, there a steaming hot bun. Sticky cakes, exotic fruits, sweetmeats - it's food paradise always on the streets of Chinatown. Enjoy the fragrance of Chinese tea, ginseng and herbal eggs. If you're brave, we'll even help you find your way about a very slippery wet market. Check out paper cars, houses, 'handphones', and even lingerie - all part of an ancient Chinese funeral ritual. We'll also introduce to you the Yins and Yangs of Chinese traditional medicine. And finally, we might just show you where to get those ready-made clogs and that steaming hot bun!

Tour Cost
Adult: S$38.00, Child: S$18.00

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  Every Tuesday / 9:30am - 12.00nn
Meet at Telok Ayer MRT Station, outside Exit A (Cross Street)
  By Cab: Alight at Telok Ayer MRT Exit A along Cross Street.
End Point: Pagoda Street (Nearest to Chinatown MRT Station)
Tour Highlights:
  • Explore Thien Hock Kheng, the oldest Hokkien-Chinese temple in Singapore and window to Chinese syncretism and worldview (winner of UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage 2001 Awards for Culture Heritage Conservation Building)
  • Walk past beautifully conserved shophouses and trace the lives of early Chinese immigrants to discover the world's most multi-racial Chinatown
  • Venture into quaint Chinese trades stores, including one specialising in Traditional Chinese Remedies and another in Ancestral Worship supplies
  • Wind through Ann Siang Hill, one-time plantation and playground of the rich and influential
  • Let our guide show you the way through Chinatown Wet Market - and learn about herbs and spices commonly used in Chinese cooking - an unforgettable experience!
  • Special Perk! Flash your ticket and receive 20% off admission to Chinatown Heritage Centre!
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Wear a cap and comfy shoes, bring umbrella or poncho, and a bottle of water. Mosquito repellent may be helpful on tours that take you to parks!

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