Of Dali, Barley and Hadhramis™
A Clarke Quay-Singapore River Walk

Please note the last scheduled walk is on 29 September 2012, after which this tour is only available for private booking. 

"Terima kasih banyak, thank you VERY much for the opportunity to enjoy this walk!! A VERY personable and knowledgeable guide; keep her!"
- David and Yvette Bird, Indonesia

"Last night I had an enjoyable evening on the Clarke Quay Walk led by Pauline. She gave us a great tour, explaining the cultural and historical background of Clarke Quay.  She was full of Singaporean history and clearly loved sharing her knowledge with us.  She also made sure that we received the appropriately discounted drinks at the different pubs we stopped at, and she patiently stayed on after the tour for a very entertaining evening.
If I have time before I leave Singapore, I will definitely take another Singapore Walk with your company. Thanks!"
- Charles Paule 
Tour Synopsis
The wizened storyteller lit his last joss-stick as the coolies waited with bated breath. The end was drawing near. You can almost see the ghosts of the old river behind the surreal, glitzy façade of Clarke Quay. Go deep into the trendiest stretch in town.  Who was the 'unqualified' architect responsible for all early colonial buildings? Or the shrewd diplomat-tycoon who eyed profits from ice but was just ahead of his time. Hear about the 'tin rush' that was as mad as the one for gold. And the sad story of the guardian who lost his world to the cruel tides of change. Swig this and more at trendy breweries where 'mash' is anything but the humble potato.

Tour Cost
Adult: S$35.00, Child: S$15.00

Buy a 3-Day Pass or 1-Week Pass online and save!
  Every Saturday / 5.00pm - 7.30pm
Meet at Clarke Quay MRT Station, outside Exit E
(near BURGER KING restaurant)

By Cab: Alight at Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street
End Point: Brewerkz Restaurant and Microbrewery

Tour Highlights:
  • Learn about the 19th century Ice House, an elusive Guardian of the River and other eccentric tales of Old Clarke Quay
  • Visit the museum gallery and workshop of a world-class Pewter Company
  • Decode the peculiar features on the Tongkang (traditional river boat) 
  • Discover a Moroccan oasis and the far-reaching influence of the Hadhramis, while slaking your thirst with a cocktail or pint of beer
  • Experience a bit of history as you stroll across Coleman & Read Bridges
  • Know what goes into the making your golden pint at the Brewery Tour... then merrily indulge in a slew of craft beers at walkers-exclusive rates
Additional Information:
  • Walkers enjoy fantastic drink discounts. Non-alcoholic drinks are available too.
  • Do have a snack or light meal before the Pub Walk if you don't believe in drinking on an empty stomach. Walk ends at an excellent restaurant and microbrewery so you won't have to worry about where to go for a hot and hearty meal.
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Wear a cap and comfy shoes, bring umbrella or poncho, and a bottle of water. Mosquito repellent may be helpful on tours that take you to parks!

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