“Wish I had been staying longer in Singapore and then I could have done them all!” – Susan Lewin, Australia
The Original Singapore Walks®
“If you just do one tour in Singapore, make it one of these.” – Lonely Planet
Take the road less travelled with guides who are experts of the city. The brainchild of one military historian and several precocious enfants terribles of Singapore's heritage-education scene, these narrated Walks and War Trails are spontaneous and revealing as their fraternities in other cities are. Be thoroughly entertained as you visit cultural and historical enclaves, while affable researcher-guides, through skilful storytelling and the use of archival images, regale you with juicy insights to local society and traditions. With a different tour guaranteed to run most days of the week, you only need to turn up on the scheduled day, at the scheduled time and meeting point (mostly at MRT station exits), pay the guide and off you go!
“Excellent guided tours of Changi and other Second World War sights...” – Telegraph, UK
War Trails by Changi Museum
Launched concurrently with the Walks, Through Fog & Fire - The Battle for Singapore, 1942 (Tue) and Changi WWII™ (Wed/Sat) relate the story of the Defence and Fall of Singapore during WWII and are dedicated to the memory of all who fought and suffered during those dark years of captivity.

These motorcoach-facilitated guided trails revisit selected WWII sites that lend varied perspectives to the disastrous manner by which Singapore believed to be impregnable succumbed to Japanese forces on the 15th of February, 1942. Find out what really happened, as we take you through grand strategies, explosive action and intense drama, while debunking long-held myths and exposing deceptive propaganda. Contemplate the magnitude of human tragedy and the response of selfless camaraderie in the face of death. Vividly recounted and sensitively portrayed by specialised researcher-guides, few have left these trails unmoved.

To go on the War Trails by Changi Museum, you are encouraged to phone (63251631 / 62142451) or email by 5pm the day before to reserve your place(s).
(This helps us in doing our bit for the environment by not over catering coach transport, thereby reducing unnecessary exhaust emissions.)

Group Tours
All our walking tours and coach trails are available for private booking, on your preferred day and timing. Our private tours are excellent as company outings, birthday treats, cultural orientation activities for newly relocated expatriates, themed educational field trips and more. If you are lucky (or desperate) enough, we might just be able to resurrect past seasons' Walks, such as Of Dali, Barley & Hadhramis™ Eccentric Clarke Quay-Singapore River Walk, On Forbidden Ground™ Fort Canning Hill Walk, Of Bomohs & Pontianaks™ Kampong Glam Evening Walk and The Last Post™ Kranji War Cemetery Walk (No idea what they are? Read on below...).

We are fussy in the way that we want to make each walking experience absolutely delightful. So bear with us if we badger you for the nittys and grittys, whims and fancies, to create the most enjoyable walkabout possible. A minimum group size of 20 is usually required for private bookings and you can send in your request by filling out the enquiry form below.

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 They may be 'past season', but the appeal of these Walks is absolutely timeless!
Through Fog & Fire - The Battle for Singapore, 1942™


Intricate strategies, subtle plots, great follies, explosive action - we take you through the intense fire of battle and the fog of war that led to Singapore’s fall in WWII. Called ‘Gibraltar of the East’… Singapore fell in 7 days. Is it really the story of ‘a navy that never was, of defenders in the dark and of guns pointed in the wrong direction’? Should Percival really bear the brunt of it all? Get to know them – the British, Australian, Indian and Malayan defenders and uncover the realities shrouded in seductive myths and deceptive propaganda.

  • Battlebox at Fort Canning Hill (British Far East Command Centre where the decision to surrender was made)
  • Drive past Alexandra Hospital (Site of infamous Massacre)
  • Kranji War Cemetery (A Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery that commemorates war heroes and heroines)  
The Last Post™ A Kranji War Cemetery Walk


In the horizon, the fading notes of the Last Post could be heard. Yet another soldier laid to rest in his grave. In quiet pristine order, tombstones sit along rows of solemn assembly. But not all are given this honour in times of war. On the columns of Kranji War Cemetery are inscribed the names of some 24,000 fighting men and women whose bodies were never found. In the heat of battle, faces are lost and bodies abandoned. Yet in death, all are ordered to their last post, where their one duty was to lie in peace. 'The Last Post' is the story of the many Commonwealth soldiers who laid down their lives in the name of freedom. Heroes, traitors, martyrs, victories, follies - discover the lives behind the names carved in stone, join this walk.

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Changi WWII™
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