Essentials - Turning Up, Meeting Point, Duration, Payment, Public Holidays
Do I need to book in advance?
There is no need to for scheduled walks. Simply turn up on the day, at the time and meeting point stated on the schedule, pay the guide and off you go. In the rare events of an unusually large turn-out or a single walker, the tour goes on (sometimes with an additional guide) and no one will be turned away.

(Having said that, for parties of 8 or more, it is advisable to call or email us a few days in advance should a particular walk be known to be quite full.)

For Secrets of the Red Lantern and  War Trails by Changi Museum, we encourage reservations via phone (63251631 / 62142451) or email by 5pm the day before. This helps us in doing our bit for the environment by not over catering coach transport, thereby reducing unnecessary exhaust emissions.

If you have a group of 20 or more, we strongly recommend a separate tour just for your group. Please send in your request by filling out the enquiry form at least 2 to 3 weeks ahead.
Where is the tour meeting point? Is there a hotel pick-up?
The tour meeting points are mostly at MRT station exits (above ground) or at the entrance of a museum. The meeting point varies depending on the walk or coach trail of your choice. Please refer to the schedule or click on any scheduled tour of your choice in the column on your right for the designated meeting point and map directions. Hotel pick-ups are currently not available.
How do I recognise the guide?
That would be the person waving our brochures madly in the air. Alternatively, look out for a group forming at the meeting point and the guide who is wearing a Singapore Tourism Board guide badge.
What if I don't find the guide at the meeting point?
There are generally two scenarios where this may happen: guests sometimes end up at the wrong meeting point (as in the case of Secrets of the Red Lantern™, Chinatown MRT Station Exit A has two sides and the correct meeting point is on the side with the escalator), or, they turn up after the scheduled tour departure time. Our guides usually wait an additional 5 minutes after the scheduled departure time in case of any latecomers. Otherwise, a guide no-show rarely happens. If in doubt, please feel free to call our hotline (65) 63251631 or our associate museum, The Changi Museum, at (65) 62142451.
How much do the tours cost?
Each walk costs S$38 / adult and S$18 / child aged 7 - 12 years, while each coach trail costs S$58  / adult and S$30  / child aged 7 - 12 years. Children younger than 7 years join free.

The rates mentioned above exclude the following tours: Red Clogs Down the Five Foot Way™, and Secrets of the Red Lantern™.
How is payment done?
Please make payment to the guide in cash before the start of the tour. If you could come with the right amount of change to pay for the tour, we know our guides would ABSOLUTELY ADORE YOU. They may be great guides, but they're simply not the best mathematicians around. Pre-payment via credit card is accepted for guests booking through our online deals.
How long do the tours last?
The walks generally last 2.5 hours, although, depending on the interests of the walkers, they've been known to go up to 3 hours. The coach trails last between 3 to 3.5 hours, again, depending on guests' interests and road traffic conditions.
Do the tours run as scheduled on public holidays?
No. Our scheduled tours take a break on public holidays in Singapore (we love our festivals!). Please see 'Latest News' on our homepage or our red brochure for the exact dates. Private tours may still be arranged on Sundays and public holidays, depending on the availability of our guides.
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Discounts and Special Deals
Is there a discount if I am planning to go on several walks / coach trails?
Yes, guests who are planning to do 2 tours or more are encouraged to buy The Original Singapore Walks® discount card from their guide after their first tour. The discount card costs only S$1, entitles you to S$5 off every additional walk / coach trail, for a period of 1 month for tourists or 3 months for residents. Avid walkers will also be happy to know that our online deals offer up to 45% savings on pre-purchased walks and coach trails.

Now and then, we also present exclusive promotions through partners such as the Association of Singapore Attractions and the Singapore Tourism Board. Do look up their websites for the latest deals.
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Tour Content and Experience
What are the tours like?
Charming, witty, illuminating and highly addictive. By foot, we will explore the many nooks and crannies that run abound in these lovely corners of Singapore and foray behind the scenes to see, hear, touch and feel things that you won't on most other tours. We take pride and pleasure in exposing the depths, dishing out the dirty, pointing out the eccentricities and regaling you with astonishing true stories of the city-state we grew to adore. Simply go on one and you will see what we mean...
How are the War Trails by Changi Museum different from The Original Singapore Walks®?
The War Trails by Changi Museum are motorcoach-facilitated guided trails that visit selected WWII sites in Singapore. They explore the Occupation Experience, in Changi WWII™ on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Created and conducted by Journeys in association with The Changi Museum, proceeds from these coach trails go entirely towards the work of The Changi Museum as a self-funded, free-access museum and an educational institution for the commemoration of Singapore's incredible wartime heritage.
Are there any tours that are unsuitable for children?

By the nature of the walk's theme, Secrets of the Red Lantern™ contains mature content. Therefore only ages 18 years and above are allowed on the tour.

On the other hand, the Singapore-River historical walks are family affairs, with a winning combination of dramatic storytelling, juicy trivia and pub stops at family-friendly heritage establishments offering specialty drinks at irresistible discounts.

Will we learn anything about local festivals, celebrations and commemorations on your tours?
Definitely! During festive months, selected tours will be enhanced with festival-specific content. Learn more about our local festivals and how we celebrate them by hopping onto one of our special festive tours! Important events that have shaped our society are also emphasised during commemorative months. Download information on our Monthly Specials to find out more.
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Private Tours
Are there other tours apart from the scheduled ones?
Yes, we have a whole gamut of tours available for private bookings. Based on our research team's accumulated knowledge of local history, military history, the arts, religion and culture, Journeys is able to tailor make tour programmes and packages according to various special interests. Our forte lies in programmes which require educational and professional focus and content. Simply drop us a line at (65) 63251631 or send in your details by filling out the enquiry form at least 2 to 3 weeks ahead.

For programmes requiring a full suite of destination services, visit
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What if it rains?
As long as guests are game, our promise is to run our tours regardless of rain or shine. Guests are advised to wear comfortable, weather-resistant footwear and bring along a cap, umbrella or poncho. Much of the walks take place at sheltered walkways and buildings, which our guides keep to in the event of rain. Coach trails are hardly affected as sites can be viewed from within the comfort of the coach vehicle if necessary. We reserve the right to avoid touring sites due to potential safety hazards under certain weather conditions, such as the open-field Kranji War Graves during a lightning storm.
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Tour Attire and Etiquette
Is photography / video-recording allowed on the tours?
In protection of the intellectual copyright that goes into the tours, note-taking and any forms of video and audio recording are not allowed on the tours. The interesting stories that we share with you are the result of painstaking research over many years, so do show your appreciation by listening with attentive ears, open hearts and obedient hands! By the way, photography is allowed but not in such excess that it disrupts the tour.
How should I dress to walk under the local climate?
Dress comfortably, preferably wearing a cap and comfy shoes. Bring along sunglasses, an umbrella or poncho, and a bottle of water. When all else fail, put on a big grin and face it like a real globe trekker! (Note: Walkers considering the Sultans of Spice™ should remember to dress modestly - sleeved top and full-length skirt or pants - in view of a Mosque visit during the walk.)
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Will there be a problem having infants, elderly guests and guests in wheel-chair on the tours?
We put in every effort to make the tours as convenient to all as possible. The walking routes are planned to include sheltered stops, if not stops that allow walkers to enjoy a short sit-down while the guide shares with the group. Most walks (except Red Clogs Down the Five Foot Way™ that goes to Ann Siang Hill via long ramps or stairs and Of Graves, Guns & Battles that is conducted on Fort Canning Hill with several flights of steps) are on level ground and we maintain a comfortable walking pace throughout. All guests are urged to be mindful of personal safety while crossing roads, which is hard to avoid while walking around an urbanised city. Guests who rely on wheel-chair to get around may require a considerable level of support embarking on / disembarking from the tour buses used for War Trails by Changi Museum.
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A Colonial District Walk
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A Tour of Battlebox & Fort Canning Hill
Red Clogs Down the Five Foot Way™
A Chinatown Walk
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A Little India Walk
Changi WWII™
A War Trail by Changi Museum
Sultans of Spice™
A Kampong Glam Walk
Of Graves, Guns & Battles
A Tour of Battlebox & Fort Canning Hill
Cultured Leopard, Rising Tiger- Finding Your Tao in Haw Par Villa™
Secrets of the Red Lantern™
A Chinatown & Geylang Night Tour
Changi WWII™
A War Trails by Changi Museum

Wear a cap and comfy shoes, bring umbrella or poncho, and a bottle of water. Mosquito repellent may be helpful on tours that take you to parks!

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