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Journeys is an award-winning travel company with a special expertise in heritage-based tours in Singapore. Its team comprises individuals such as historians, researchers, educators, writers and guides specialised in various subject fields.

A solid foundation in research competencies and years of experience in tour design and operations has made Journeys a market leader for creative travel services in Singapore, particularly educational, rigorously-researched special interest tours and historical narrated walks.

With its commitment to continuous research, creative tour design and investment in training, Journeys holds a proven track record in customising special programmes to the most demanding of requirements. From students at different educational levels, to royalty and business officials, Journeys provides all its clients the exclusive insider's Singaporean experience that most other tours don't.

In 2003, Journeys launched The Original Singapore Walks® and in doing so, introduced a whole new dimension to the local tourism industry then. These premium narrated walks, led by guides who are experts of the city,are spontaneous and revealing as their fraternities in other cities are in their visits to cultural and historical enclaves, while the researcher-guides entertain with the juiciest insights to local society and traditions. Marrying solid historical research with sparkling, insightful guiding, the Walks are an instant hit with residents and visitors alike and have won multiple Singapore Tourism Awards. Lonely Planet puts it simply: “If you just do one tour in Singapore, make it one of these.”

The quality of Journeys' tour products and niche services is widely recognised both within the industry and by discerning consumers alike, not least attributed to its synergistic relationship with associate companies – Singapore History Consultants, The Changi Museum and Heritage Box. Together, the four organisations work together to offer a range of services unparalleled by any private organisation in the sphere of bespoke guided tours, historical research, heritage education, publishing and management of cultural resources in Singapore, thereby raising the profile of Singapore's fascinating written and unwritten histories.

Customise my tour
No other tour operator knows Singapore's changing landscape like Journeys. With its commitment to continuous research and updating of tour content, Journeys is able to tailor-make special programmes for the most demanding of requirements.
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Sit back while we take care of all your touring needs, be it accommodation, coach transport services, a grand dinner event or a party on the beach!


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