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Our Valiant Walkers
One day we were wondering just how to tell the world that we were that good when we received these from our lovely walkers…
Red Clogs Down the Five
I took the Tuesday "red clogs down the five foot way" tour. The guide kept us entertained and I learnt a lot, not just about Singapore, but also about Chinese culture - an added bonus! We got to visit numerous sites around Chinatown which most tourists probably wouldn't normally get to see. I would gladly take another tour with this company.
-Matt G, Canberra, Australia, 1 December 2013
My wife and I just did the Secrets of the Red Lantern tour put on by The Original Singapore Walks and are very impressed. Our guide was effervescent and informative and obviously really loved showing us her city. It was such a pleasant change from the usually sterilised tours that miss out on exposing the underbelly of a city. Well done! Apart from the stories of old detailing the antics of Chinatown at the turn of the century and beyond, we were exposed to the real seedy side of current Singapore which is hidden from the average tourist. We toured the real Red Light District of today and cruised the lane ways with their girls, girlie-boys, trannies, outdoor gambling tables and more and it was brilliant. Risqué yes, a bit edgy maybe, but well worth the visit. If you do nothing other than this tour, just go for it.
-Rick Donald (27 September 2013)

'Highly recommended'

I went on the Sultans of Spice walk yesterday and learned so much and saw things i never would have found on my own. These walks are a great way to see the real Singapore and understand its history. The walk itself is not demanding and there are plenty of stops. The guide is friendly and down to earth. Highly recommended. I went alone and there were several singletons there so don't be put off if like me your partner cant do walks
- Mcampionh, Manchester, United Kingdom (27 September 2013)
“Thoroughly engrossing history lesson”
We have done many walking tours in Europe and Asia and have to rank the Changi WWII tour, as well as Carol, our guide, at the top. She did a wonderful job of balancing the historical background with riveting personal stories, so that we learned a great deal without becoming overwhelmed. As Americans we knew little of the history of Changi; we came away with a profound understanding of the suffering of the Allied troops as well as of the locals. We also appreciated Carol's effort to specially mention American stories just for us. My partner, who normally starts yawning about midway through most tours, was engaged through the end. Highly recommended as a worthwhile investment of your time whilst in Singapore - you won't forget many of the stories that you hear.
-Sayvarelo, United States (15 July 2013)

“Highly recommend Little India Tour”

Incredibly informative and entertaining. I learned more in that morning/early afternoon than my friends, who I was visiting, knew about the area and culture learned over the past years living there. It was brilliant and totally turned me on to walking tours! The visit to the Hindu temple was amazing and the spice and silk shops were so great and offered purchasing possibilities for gifts or spices to take home!
- Janinius, United States (13 June 2013)

“The Tipple Exchange Walk”

We were in a group of five that took the tour hosted by Geraldine. Re reading the synopsis of the walk it delivered on its promises although, almost inevitably, the actuality is possibly a little less exotic than the description. The good thing about these tours is that not only are they interesting and informative but they drag you out of your comfort zone - I would never have gone to the Asian civilisations museum and would have missed as a good a museum as I have been to.
The other good thing is that you will generally meet interesting people and this was definitely the case with our group. Geraldine organised seating and participated in the conversation in the two pubs so that people all contributed well to the lively discussions.
The tour was well organised and enjoyable and we both thoroughly enjoyed it, although it did not end in the pub described (which was no big deal). 
- John Mower, Bahrain (24 May 2013)
'End of Empire'
We were guided by Carol Joy and Wina was assisting.
I thought this was one of the best tours I have ever been on. I have travelled a lot to cities all over the world, and this was by far the most informative. I am Australian, and have an interest in the history of World War 2, and my mother's cousins were all in changi Prison camp, so I suppose I had an extra interest in this topic.
However, I thought that it was amazing how much Carol could impart to us. I felt by the end fo the tour that I knew so much more about the history of the events between December and February 1942, and after. I did not realise how much the local people had suffered and I really was glad to have been educated in this. So much has been fed to us about how the men suffered in the prison camps, but I know that is not the whole story.Carol's enthusiasm, knowledge, stroy telling ability is to be seen to be believed. I was laughing, crying, moved, and very pleased to finish at Kranji with the minute of silence. I was amazed that she could talk on these topics for more than 3 hours!The whole experience for me was truly unforgettable.
Please thank Carol for me, and Wina too, who helped me understand many aspects of the history and surroundings. They were able to help me find a friends' uncle's grave at Kranji. Nothing was too much trouble for them. I will recommend this tour to everyone, and am looking forward to sharing with my 93 year old mum, all that I learnt, when I return home to Australia.
I will be back in Singapore soon, and I hope to bring my husband on another of your tours.

-Robin Carter, Australia (24 January 2013)


We did the Colonial District Tour and WOW would be the best description I could give. It was the best priced tour we have ever taken. Our tour guide (Helena) was great. If your interests are in true history, you won't be disappointed. The tour is to be 2 1/2 hours, plan 3 hours at least, she is a wealth of information. Take a bottle of water and as always in Singapore TAKE AN UMBRELLA,
- Rush M, Fayetteville, Pennsylvania (6 January 2013)

 " Riveting!

We did the walk which was included on the 'See Singapore' card and were blown away by how very professional and informative our wonderful tour guide was. Carol Joy, a passionate Singaporean, has been a guide for 26 years and really loves to showcase her country. She made us all feel an integral part of the tour, remembered all our names within minutes of meeting us and was constantly concerned for our comfort. She explained a great deal about Singapore's history and much about the country as it is today. She had so much information to share that she kept us willingly enthralled for an extra hour over the planned time. This tour was truly the highlight of my trip to Singapore. "
- Rachael Adelaide, Adelaide (12th July 2012)

 " The secrets of the red lantern walk through Chinatown: fantastic!

We went on the 'Secrets of the red lantern' Chinatown walk which was a bit different from the usual Chinatown walking tour, focusing on the seedier side of Chinatown in the past (prostitution, the life of the first Chinese immigrants, opium dents, ..) Our guide Janet was super knowledgeable and very enthusiastic - she was actually one of the best tour guides we've ever had, and how we'd want every tour we go on to be. We learned so many interesting facts that not even the locals who were in our group had known! Janet also had great tips for places to eat at after the walk and made sure we all knew how to get back to the subway station after the tour. Highly recommended! "
- Globetrottergirls, London, United Kingdom (9th July 2012)

 " A great evening on the Secrets of the Red Lantern tour

Had a wonderful time on this tour! Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic - so much so that we went about 20 minutes over time. Being an expat, I had already wandered around Chinatown many times, but this tour added another dimension to the experience with all the great and sometimes sad stories of what went on in some of the buildings and of how people had to live and make do in the early days of Singapore. Being a "Red Lantern" tour, there were of course quite a few 'saucy' tales told as well. There was a lot of ground to cover and very little time to wander off to buy drinks etc, so come prepared with your own drink bottle. I heartily recommend this tour to visitors and locals alike. "
- Manfred R, Singapore (24th June 2012)

 " Singapore Walks – Changi WW2 Tour

This tour was very informative and provided a great insight into Changi and the fall of Singapore. Our guide Carol impressed through her passion, knowledge and ability to remember everybody's name (about 20 people) who were on the tour. The tour included a visit to the Changi museum followed by a visit by bus to some of the key sites. This tour is recommended to anyone who might have had a relative that spent time in Changi or on The Burma railway or equally for anyone interested in World War II history. "
- Penster72, Sdyney, Australia (11 June 2012)

 " Spectacular Sultans of Spice

Hi, took this tour today and LOVED the experience. Geraldine did a great job of gathering us (visitors, Singaporeans and expats like me.) She was funny, energetic, knowledgeable. It was a terrific morning, and I'm already looking forward to taking additional Original Singapore Walks tours, and to recommending them to visitors and friends. "
- Margaret G, Singapore (31st May 2012)

 " Extremely informative walk with a fun local guide

I recently moved to Singapore and am very keen to learn as much as possible about its culture and history. I did the Colonial District Walk in late April and had a fantastic time. The guide (Carol Joy) is literally a joy to be with. She's local and very knowledgeable about everything in Singapore, so it was a wonderful way to explore some areas and places that otherwise I would not have visited. Our walk took longer than planned (which we had previously agreed at the beginning of the tour) and Carol took the time to explain certain parts of Singaporean history in great detail. It was never boring, never felt like a history lesson, and she made sure we always had time to get water, go to toilet facilities, etc. During the last stretch of the walk, I lost track of Carol and the group (I was taking photos and got distracted, silly me), but after Carol finished the tour with the group, she repeated the bits I missed, which was very sweet of her. The highlight for me was the visit to the ultra-modern Supreme Court. Carol gave us a few tips for our next visit, which includes the fact that you can attend real court cases at the public viewing galleries - which I'll try to do asap! Overall, great value for money, great guide, great tour, wonderful experience. I will definitely do more! "
- PaolaBdeT, Singapore (30th April 2012)

 " Must do in Singapore

I went on the Kampong Glam walking tour of the Arab street area. The tour was fantastic. I did this on my last day in Singapore, so I was not able to experience any of the other tours. If I ever get back to Singapore, the walking tours will be the first thing I do!! Carol, our guide, was so knowledgeable, entertaining and friendly. She made sure the tour was interesting for wide age range of people in the group. Don't worry about walking for a couple of hours. It is not strenuous, just a pleasant stroll through the streets. We did many things in the week we were in Singapore, and I would put this at the top of my list of great experiences. "
- Kansas-Jayhawk, Kansas City (12th April 2012)

 " Good Way to Visit Singapore Chinatown

Singapore is overloaded with interesting tourist attractions, and during a recent visit which was my wife's first, and my first vacation visit after many business trips, we were hoping to learn a little bit more about the city/state's history and culture. We came across The Original Singapore Walks ad somewhere (perhaps Time Out) and asked our hotel (The Conrad) concierge about it and she said that the people she'd sent had enjoyed it. The only walk that fit our schedule was through Chinatown and our guide was JooLing who was extremely informative, quite friendly, occasionally funny and, overall, terrific. We'd recommend the tour to adults interested in learning about the history, culture and architecture of this old part of the city. Parenthetically, I'd mention, that local friends of ours, suggested that we spend a few hours circling the city on the MRT. Once it leaves the central district, the trains run outdoors and one can see the many types of government as well as private apartment blocks in residential areas and a few of the industrial areas. Much like taking the Yamatone line in Tokyo, it was a worthwhile way to see parts of the city one ordinarily wouldn't see. "
- Rothsteg, New York City (23rd March 2012)

 " Totally recommend these tours!

We have done two tours with this company, exactly one year apart. The first in Jan 2011, was the Chinatown tour, taking in the shop houses, the red light district and heaps of other stuff. The second in Jan 2012 was the Kampong Glam tour, the Muslim heritage of Singapore. The guide on both, Geraldine, was extremely informative. I loved the way she gave the historical details and also included the "historical gossip" and snippets of current information as well. Much of her information will never be found in formal history or guide books but is extremely interesting. It gives you an insight into the people, the personalities, the politics and the values and belief systems of Singapore. What I really enjoyed is the way they have arranged with shop owners and businesses etc to get access to see the unusual products and hear the stories behind them - their uses, production methods, stories from the family business, samples, cultural info etc WITHOUT any hard sell. Indeed without any sell at all. I was fascinated by the Muslim perfumer that we visited, and made my own way back with a friend the next day to actually buy some of the things we saw on the tour. My son did the same after sampling the delicious Bak Gwa I think it's called at a specialty place in Chinatown. Every time we stopover in Singapore, we now make a point of trying to fit in one of these walking tours. They are excellent value and great fun. If it's about Singapore, Geraldine will know it! She's a fount of knowledge and entertaining with it. If you do nothing else in Singapore, take one of these tours. It will open up a vision of the country you'll never find in the glitzy shopping malls! "
- Resewa, Sydney, Australia (18th January 2012)

 " Relaxed and interesting walking tour

Having previously joined the Kampong Glam (sultans of spice) tour in 2010 and enjoyed it (see previous review by me), I decided to do the Little India tour with my boyfriend who was visiting Singapore. The tour was just as good - interesting, interactive (we got to taste indian sweets and learnt to tie a sari). The guide, Geraldine, answered all our questions and had an engaging style. she is clearly passionate about the subject and it showed. The tour was well thought out and structured appropriately. It had a good mix of culture, food and history. "
- Israphale, London, UK (13th January 2012)

 " Tipple Exchange – a great tour

We did the Tipple Exchange (Thurs. PM) tour with Carol and had a great experience. Carol, a fun and sweet lady of Eurasian descent, met us promptly at the Asian Civilizations Museum. After a 20 min. tour of the River Gallery, where she entertained us with stories of early Singapore river life, we began a walking tour along Boat Quay. Carol had great anecdotes to share about the history of the sculptures along the river and brought along pictures to help us understand river life in the past and present. We enjoyed stopping for drinks at Archipelago Brewing Company and Molly Malone's Irish pub. Carol also shared the colorful history of some of the pubs along Boat Quay. We had a great time and felt that we saw a side of Singapore that many tourists might not experience. We were only disappointed that our schedule did not allow for more Singapore Walks! "
- Sewaneegal, Indianapolis, Indiana (28th November 2011)

 " The best way to see Singapore

We did five walks over 3 days and had a ball. The meeting locations were fairly easy to find, and the walks informative, interesting and well priced. Thank you to the tour guides for making our stay so memorable. "
- Judy B, London (31st October 2011)

 " Experience Singapore differently

I went on two walks - Kg Glam and Little India. My mum and I enjoyed them both. You'll get to learn a lot about the local places that you can't get from guidebooks. Sorry to miss the spice grinding shop as it was closed. And the Indian fortune teller who wasn't around... Enjoyed the saree and sarong tying demos. You don't just see the sights but get to partake in the local culture too. And little touches like buying local sweets for us to try... nice! Be prepared with lots of questions as this is your chance to have them answered. I urge you to join the tours soon as Singapore is developing so fast. Some of the places and local 'crafts' like the fortune teller and roadside barber may disappear 5 or 10 years in the future as they make way for soulless shopping malls. "
- Jolynn Chin, Malaysia (29th October 2011)

 " Singapore real travel experience

Thanks to the tour company for our great walk last week. I would recommend this tour if you are an active traveler and want to see and roam the world with your bare eyes and feet. They have well planned and make this walk an interesting one. The shopkeepers and the traders in local markets are randomly chosen by us, not like other tours in Asia where they have handshaken with some specifc shops. We have experienced another Singapore which is simplier, closer and more sincere instead of the marvelous images we always see on Singapore tourism ads. No matter what, this is still a very nice country! "
- Simba Every, Manchester, UK (28th October 2011)

 " Hugely professional and informative

We recently went on The Original Singapore Walks 'War Trail' walk and whilst neither my wife or I have any real personal connection with the second world war and the way it affected SE Asia, we were both captivated by the way history was recounted. Our guide for the morning, Carol, was hugely professional and knowledgeable and put everything across with the right level of passion. Carol not only works for the tour company but also works for the Changi Museum so a better sourced person would have been hard to find. The morning was put across in a way that said that we should not forget our past but we should show respect and learn from it. I can only speak from experience of this one tour and highly recommend it but if the other tours from The Original team are as good then you can't go wrong. "
- Valencian’s, London, UK (21th October 2011)

 " A great way to see Singapore

I love walking tours and I must say that Original Walks is one of the best organisations I have ever walked with (and I've done such tours in London, Paris and New York). I bought a pass off their internet site, so the cost per tour worked out at something like S$13 per walk - fantastic value. This was my second visit to Singapore and I learned much more about the place from the walking tours than I did when I first came and followed a guide book. The tour guides were excellent! I hope to come back again and do the tours all over, just for the pure pleasure of it! "
- Chaucer, Australia (24th August 2011)

 " A great insight into Little India

We went on the Dhobis, Saris & a Spot of Curry walk with our two children and really enjoyed it. The tour met at the entrance to Little India MRT and was easy to find. Our guide was interesting and friendly and even tried to include the girls wherever possible! I found the tour a great way to gain insight into the history and culture of the area and especially enjoyed the Hindu temple. I would recommend these tours to anyone wanting to learn more about the history and culture of Singapore. "
- Carylw5, Darwin, Australia (28th July 2011)

 " A chance to learn so much, and so enjoyable too!

My husband and I did two walking tours, one through Little India, and the other a night walk along the Singapore River which included visits to several pubs. Both tours were wonderful for the wealth of information, and great fun; the chance to taste different foods in Little India and be shown how to wear a sari were just two of the many experiences, and dropping into the pubs to taste different cold beers along the River was brilliant. Both of the guides, Carol Joy and Hemlata, had amazing information to pass on and were always ready to answer any questions. The walks are around 2 and a half hours long, but can run a bit over (which is great!) and they are taken at a comfortable pace, just remember to wear walking shoes, and of course take an umbrella. I can quite honestly say that I can't think of a single thing that was less than brilliant so take at least one of these walks if you have the chance, you won't regret it. "
- Luna1951, Adelaide, Australia (27th July 2011)

 " A Singapore MUST- even locals will be impressed by these walking tours

These are consistently excellent walking tours- appealing to visitors and locals alike. I've now taken several of their tours. There are a range of tours offered- check their website for details. The tours are in small groups- generally, you join the tour by meeting the guide at an agreed central meeting point, like the entrance to an MRT station. The guides are friendly and informative. The tours are interesting, and they are entertaining and informative. Pleasantly absent are endeavours to steer you to souvenir shops or tourist traps. Highly recommended! "
- Adelaideian Traveller, Adelaide, Australia (19th June 2011)

 " Very informative for all nationalities.

I went on this trip alone, and encountered many Aussies. Our tour guide Janet knew her stuff, especially as am a History teacher and we could compare notes. The perspectives given were not only Australian, but also included other countries involved like UK,Japan and NZ. I noticed that more info will be needed for Indian and other cultures( the museum needs to cater for them first). However our tour guide showed great places, and was absolutely comfortable and safe on the bus and places. I would recommend it for anyone wanting to know about Changi ( u will learn the correct pronounciation) and why they made a film about it. "
- Mniggs, Sydney (11th July 2011)

" Excellent - One of the Best Tours

My husband I did the end of an era - battlefields 1942 tour with Helena last Wednesday. This was one of the best tours we have done. Helena was vey informative, knowledgeable and quite passionate about the subject matter. The tour was interesting and attention to detail was very good with all questions answered for people on the tour very well. I would highly recommend this tour and will definitely do other tours on our return to Singapore unfortunately we only had time to do one tour. Thank you Helena we thoroughly enjoyed your tour and will defintely use this company next time. "
- Gigi019, Sydney (18th April 2011)

 "My husband and I went on the Singapore 1942 Battlefield Afternoon Tour. The guide, Hemlata, was very knowledgeable and friendly. We believe the information provided on the tour would keep the interest of a broad range of people. The price of the tour was very good value for money - we definitely recommend people visiting Singapore to go on this tour."
- EC C (March 2011)

" Absolutely excellent walks and tours!

Last month I decided to see more of Singapore and after reading many positive reviews I chose the Original Singapore Walks. As of this review, they not only seem to be the best but also the only company offering such a diverse array of walking tours in Singapore. I purchased the three day pass and went on a total of 5 tours in the three days. It didn't matter if there were only 2 people on the tour or 22; all of the walks were fantastic. The guides were knowledgeable, friendly and insured that a good time was had by all. My favorite tour was 'Red Clogs Down the Five Foot Way,' an intimate look at the history of Chinatown. In spite of the fact that I'm already familiar with Singapore I learned something new on each tour and was taken to places in Singapore that I had never been before. "
- Wchiker, Singapore (9th March 2011)

 "Just wanted to rave about how great Helena was on my recent tour on colonial Singapore today.  She was extremely knowledgeable and really gave me a terrific insight into the history and reality of modern Singapore.  She is an outstanding ambassador for your country and has just the right amount of "facts" without it being overwhelming.
Thanks again and I will certainly spread the word to my friends visiting your incredible country."
- Jeff Rosenburg (25th January 2011)

 " Great way to see Singapore's charming neighborhoods and history

Our family of 6 (ranging from my daughter who is 6 y.o. and my father-in-law who is in his late 60’s) joined the walks on a 3-day pass in early December.  I would like to thank all the guides, especially Carol, for their warmth and enthusiasm when sharing what is obviously their passion with us.  The walks was a unique experience that I had been looking forward to when planning my trip to Singapore and I was deleighted that it lived up to my expectations, and that the whole family were able to share in the experience. "
- Traveller1496, Amman (24th January 2011)

 "Our family of 6 (ranging from my daughter who is 6 y.o. and my father-in-law who is in his late 60’s) joined the walks on a 3-day pass in early December.  I would like to thank all the guides, especially Carol, for their warmth and enthusiasm when sharing what is obviously their passion with us.  The walks was a unique experience that I had been looking forward to when planning my trip to Singapore and I was deleighted that it lived up to my expectations, and that the whole family were able to share in the experience."
- Lyn Wong, Australia (28th December 2010)

"I took the Kampong Glam walk today with two friends visiting from England.  We really enjoyed the tour and learned a lot about the history of the area, the architecture, the Muslim faith, the customs....

Joo Ling, our guide, was friendly and very knowledgeable.  Her communication skills were excellent.  She took the time to make sure everyone could hear and to answer questions.  We were amazed that this particular walk is not her speciality!!

Anyway, I’m looking forward to taking another walk soon and will certainly recommend them to other people.

Thank you, Joo Ling!"
 - Peta Johnson, UK (9th September 2010)

"Last August 13, me and my dutch fiancé tried the 'chinatown night walk'. I saw people from different parts of the world joining the tour as well. Even some native Singaporeans were in the tour also. At first, we just want to kill sometime. But after we heard our tour guide -'Helena the great' - giving us pieces of history & culture about the place and people, we got interested and we both know that we need to feed our curiosity.

And we didn't get disappointed at all. Helena delivered us the most recent and real-time information that she can get. Her sense of humor carries us whenever we get to more serious and matured topics. Helena's straight forward attitude in giving out facts is what I like most of her. At the end of our tour, Helena took us to one of those stores there for a free meat sampling. The tour was one of the memorable events we had in Singapore. We went back to our hotel tired yet we can both say 'it's all worth it'. Xie xie! o(^_^)o"
- Carolyn Banguilan Santos, Philippines & Lejo van der Ende, Netherlands (13th August 2010)

“Just a brief note to let you know how much I enjoyed my recent tour with Helena.

Helena has a great knowledge of the events that occurred in Singapore, also the influencing events and the many personalities involved. She certainly does not simply recite a learnt spiel. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that the Jaywick and Remau Z Force raids were acknowledged in detail. They are virtually unknown in Australia by the general public.”
- Andrew Gordon (13th July 2010)

 "My wife and I bought a 3 day walking pass (26th to 28th April) after reading about your walks in the Lonely Planet Singapore Guide. We were not disappointed! We went on the Colonial District walk with Helena, Chinatown with Joo Ling and End of Empire with Hemlata.  All 3 guides were absolutely fantastic.

Your tourist walks were simply a real highlight of our trip to your wonderful country, we were taken to places we never knew existed and were shared stories & history that we would have never found out if simply travelling on our own.  Your staff were both informative, friendly and went out of their way to answer any of our questions. Please keep up the great work as they are the best walking tours we have ever been on. Thankyou!"
 - David & Ann-Marie Flesfadar, Australia (3rd May 2010)

“On Saturday, Feb 20th, my father in law, my wife and I had the pleasure in having Pauline as our tour guide for the Changi WW 2 War Trail and Museum Tour. As a tour guide, Pauline was clear and concise in her presentation and very knowledgeable with some anecdotal information.  Pauline is indeed an asset to the company.
Thank you."
- Eric Marshall, Perth, Western Australia (24th February 2010)

"Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed this morning's tour of Chinatown.  Helena was so informative and passionate in the delivery of information that she held our attention throughout.  We especially appreciated her humour and the way that she incorporated aspects of her own personal history into the talk.  It made for a memorable morning.  We arrived here recently to live in Singapore and will definitely be joining you again for more of your walks.  Thank you."
- Elaine and Kerry (9 Feb 2010)

“Last night I had an enjoyable evening on the Clarke Quay Pub Walk led by Pauline. She gave us a great tour, explaining the cultural and historical background of Clarke Quay.  She was full of Singaporean history and clearly loved sharing her knowledge with us.  She also made sure that we received the appropriately discounted drinks at the different pubs we stopped at, and she patiently stayed on after the tour for a very entertaining evening.

If I have time before I leave Singapore, I will definitely take another Singapore Walk with your company. Thanks!”
- Charles Paule (25th Jan 2010)
"What a great job you guys do! In my two visits to Singapore, I have now taken every one of your morning walking tours, and thoroughly enjoyed them all."
– Karen Johnson, USA (24 March 2009)
"Never (have) I got so much information with such a lot of fun. Thanks a lot to Hemlata, Pauline, Joo Ling and specially to Carol Joy, because I had the pleasure to walk three times with her."
– Christine Alraun, Germany (December 2008)
"This month, February 2007, I had the good fortune to be in Singapore once more and had the opportunity to join the Battlefield Tour. Our guide was Helena Poon who proved to be a very knowledgeable historian and with a sterling personality that made all the participants feel very comfortable and able to discuss or ask question about every aspects of the tour.

The tour took us to the Kranji memorial site as well and once more I felt the same emotional impact that I had experienced on my first visit there. It is a very difficult place to visit and remain unmoved at the enormity of the human tragedy that Singapore suffered and at various locations during the tour Helena added new knowledge and insight to the era that began for Singapore on the fateful day of 15 Feb '42 and ended with the surrender of the Japanese forces on 12 Sep '45.

Thank you again Helena for presenting an interesting and knowledgeable insight to Singapore's history during World War II."
– S. Raun CD (February 2007)
"I joined the Monday Walk. It was an eye-opening experience for me...It was interesting, exciting, also hard to hear sometimes (especially about the period Japan occupied Singapore). Now I am back in Japan, and trying to find more about your country. You are a small country but have lots to tell."
– Kaori, Tokyo, Japan (26 April 2006)
"I have taken tours like these in many countries. The Singapore Walks are among the best I have ever taken."
– Frank Jennings, USA (8 March 2006)
"I can't imagine a better way to get to know and understand your beautiful country."
– Susan Karnitz, USA (16 February 2006)
"Singapore Walks is absolutely the number one way for visitors to spend time in Singapore."
– Christina Paly, UK
"While enjoying a brief stop-over in Singapore we took the Battlefield tour offered by your company on Wednesday afternoon. We were totally blown away by the guide's enthusiasm for his topic, his in-depth knowledge and easy recall, his wonderful personalised stories and the overall enormity of the tragedy of the attack on Singapore. I thought it helpful to let you know how much we appreciated the tour and I have emailed Lonely Planet and raved on with high praise and recommendations of your company's high standards, excellent content and superb presentation... Be assured, I have already promoted your tours to other guests in the hotel where we stayed, and felt the tours were a real highlight in our wonderfully extensive trip abroad. Thank you for providing such an excellent service."
– Robin Greenfield (Mrs.), New Zealand (20 April 2005)

We say: A great many thanks to you, Robin, for ravin' about us to the folks at Lonely Planet – look what they say about us! (Travel Guides section) It was a pleasure to have you on the tour and we look forward to thanking you properly if you ever pass through Singapore again.
"I enjoy your tours very much, as it gives me more insight to this exotic country, more understanding about the culture and the people in Singapore...you will be remembered in a big way, JOB WELL DONE!"
– Helga (April 2005)
"I did two walks with you and loved them both. I am a walks fan, did loads in the UK when I visited there. Your standard was just as good. Congratulations."
– Jane Brentnall, Australia (26 January 2005)
"A perfect way to see the city and feel its fascinating past."
– Else Gro Glosvik, Oslo, Norway (19 January 2005)
"I have nothing but praise for the walks – they are very informative, very professional and loads of fun, and are a permanent feature on the itinerary for everyone who comes over to visit me! See you on the next one I do!"
– Trudie Fenwick, Singapore
"Our guides provided the human face of Singapore, as their passion, knowledge and professionalism brought Singapore to life for us. It was a feast for all our senses as we were treated to visits to out-of-the-way places, tastes of herbs and fruits, untold stories and insights about Singaporean customs, religion and culture etc. Undoubtedly the guides and the experience with the Walks have strongly influenced us to want to return to Singapore and participate in new walking tours as well as repeat the ones already taken (the old favourites!)."
– Veterans Bruce and Rae, Australia (4 January 2005)
"The very very very best guided walks I have ever taken."
– Julie King, Australia
"I had a couple of days stop-over in Singapore and picked up your brochure from my hotel which certainly lived up to all expectations."
– Barbara Woodbine, England (23 December 2004)
"What is most impressive is that they (the Singapore Walks guides) all brought their personal family experiences about growing up in Singapore into the tour as well as how their lives were affected by the area we were touring. In short the walks rate among the best tours I have ever taken."
– Bryan and Vera Davis, Vancouver, Canada (22 November 2004)
"Your tours were all that you made them out to be and more. To try to pull people out of their norm and to not judge and just be (observe and to participate) is not easy, and you really do a heck of a job at it."
– Tom Ruddy (24 June 2004)
"I have been on many 'tours and walks' around the world but it was refreshing to be with a guide who didn't attempt to trivialise or abbreviate historical fact on the assumption that the average tourist has a short attention span! This, allied with her deep level of knowledge and anecdotal personalisation, made it fascinating and memorable."
-Ian Hampton, UK (21 November 2003)
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