Our Guides
Journeys' guides are among the finest whom you may have ever encountered – experienced, inquisitive and dedicated enthusiasts of history and culture. They are also a rather eclectic bunch of individuals we are certain you would absolutely adore if you met them in normal life.

We count amongst them, military historians, curators, artists, educators and writers, each armed with a healthy dose of curiosity and flair in various specialised fields. Employing archival images and skilful storytelling – a Journeys' trademark – the guides will peel away the surface that is often seen in guidebooks and travel shows, and reveal the charming little secrets, nooks, crannies, warts and all, that make up Singapore.

The guides are recognised for their consistent professionalism and ease in engaging visitors in interesting discussions, thereby facilitating their appreciation of Singapore as a destination. They have been called anything from “brilliant” and “charming” to “encyclopedic”, while several have even earned accolades for their insightful sharing of local and regional heritage. The Globetrotter™ travel guide describes them as “excellent guides-cum-historians with in-depth knowledge of places other tours do not visit.”

Needless to say, they are fully certified by the Singapore Tourism Board.

We bring you...

Helena - a flora fauna nut and brewer of secret herbal concoctions
Lye Nak - a jungle-trekking explorer who loves nothing more than sharing meals and swapping stories with other happy campers (literally)
Wina - a lover of cats and self-proclaimed Francophile who, like the French, does not reflect her love of food on her waistline 
Wui Wui - her excitable nature (earning her the nickname energizer bunny') coupled with her obsession for flower-motifs will make you wonder if you've met happiness personified
Geraldine - a spicy saucy salsa dancer wannabe
Carol Joy - our classy bird-watching, curry-cooking, jewellery-making guide whose velvety voice has charmed thousands since she was 19
Joo Ling - an animal lover who shares her home with more creatures than the zoo
Nancy- who dreams of owning a neighbourhood pub with bits of local trivia to share
Hemlata - our resident hell-rider willing to risk helmet-hair for a joyride
Joanne- eternal sunshine is what comes to mind, this sweet sunny maiden hides her drama mama tendencies but will talk about it if you allow
  Sharul - a fitness buff who loves his protein shakes as much as he loves Singapore history
Razeen - an intrepid researcher of places unmentionable, whose warped sense of humour only a tourist can stand (and apparently the Singapore Tourism Board too, for he snagged the Tourism Awards in 2005 for Tour Guiding)
Jeya - also known as, the boss who started it all (we're still blaming him for it), a military historian who spent years lecturing in the Command and Staff College. If you're a dignitary, celebrity, an infamous person or just plain lucky, you may get the chance to have him as a guide on your tour!
Savita - who, amongst other things (like winning the 18th Tourism Awards 2003 for Tour Guiding), once talked her way out of being stoned to death, and

All our guides are specially handpicked and have been with us for yonks. Some of them include colleagues from our associate companies - history buffs from Singapore History Consultants and antiquities from The Changi Museum - dusted off and polished up just for the Walks!

They are avid devourers of history and heritage and most of all, love to share their knowledge with everyone they know (even the ones who don't pay).



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