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The Changi Museum The Changi Museum is a free-access museum dedicated to the memory of all civilians and prisoners of war who suffered under the Japanese Occupation of Singapore from 1942 to 1945. The museum's primary responsibility is its educational and social role. It raises awareness of the Pacific War, and in particular relates to students and tourists alike, an appreciation of the suffering and sacrifice or civilians and POWs who were incarcerated in Singapore. It is a must-stopover for war veterans as well as visitors interested in understanding the history of the Pacific War in Malaya and Singapore.

The Museum has received international praise for its sensitive and poignant portrayal of the war years in Singapore, and regularly plays host to foreign dignitaries and diplomatic staff. To date, it has developed strong links with museums and research agencies overseas that contribute alternative perspectives to the story of the defence of Singapore. It has also become a focal point for researchers, war veterans and remembrance / commemorative events. Moving forward, The Changi Museum continues to focus on its mission to be a world class museum, highlighting an important segment of Singapore's heritage.
Singapore History Consultants Singapore History Consultants has been a close partner of educational institutions for over 14 years. The firm was set up in 1995 with the aim of providing research consultancy as well as heritage tour programmes for schools. Since its inception, the firm has made significant contributions to the repository of knowledge on Singapore's heritage and in the fields of education and training. It has successfully implemented valuable programmes for thousands of students, bringing fresh perspectives and insights to the Singapore Story.
The Heritage Box The Heritage Box is the publishing and distribution arm of our heritage group of companies. It sets out to cultivate a stronger social awareness of history, through the distribution of selection of historical publications. Titles include The Story of Changi by David Nelson, 'The Times - Naval Base Issue', The Changi Murals by Wally Hammond and To Japan to Lay a Ghost by Peter S. Rhodes and are available for sale at The Changi Museum's Gift Shop.



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